Costs of Representation

Costs of Representation

The cost of hiring an attorney is always foremost in a potential client's mind. They want to know: can I afford an attorney? Should I hire an attorney? How much will it cost? Is it worth it?

Each case is unique. As a general rule for Family Law cases I do not offer "flat-fee" representation, as I have found that it generally serves my clients badly. I am happy to provide an estimate of your costs, but please be aware that the information is only an estimate, and the final cost may be higher or lower than the estimate based on your decisions as a client as to what is important to you, what you ask me to fight for, and what additional outside professionals have to be engaged including: custody of children, associated custody studies, division of real property (land) or division of personal property (stuff), professional appraisals, assignment of debts between the parties, division of any business assets, or division of retirement accounts.

For criminal representation, flat-fee representation is sometimes available depending on the nature of the charge, the desired outcome of the client and the criminal history of the client.


For those individuals who have served in the United States Armed Forces, as a consideration for your service to this nation, a discounted rate is offered for representation in your legal needs. Please identify yourself as a current or retired armed services member to receive the discount.

Please contact me at (214) 980-1489 to discuss the particulars of your case and the estimate of your legal fees in accomplishing your goals.