Investigation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

A Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation of a claim of Child Abuse or Child Neglect is one of the most stressful events that can occur in an individual's life.  Many different types of events can lead to a CPS investigation or the involvement of CPS or Family Based Social Services (FBSS), including injuries, outcries, behaviors of the child, nosy neighbors or retaliation by an ex-spouse.

Often a CPS investigation will go hand-in-hand with a Criminal investigation, and it is important to have an attorney that understands how to handle both proceedings at the same time, because information generated in one proceeding will be used against you in the other.  Without good advice, many individuals will make statements, admissions or agree to terms "just to get their kids back" which will haunt them later.

If you are a relative of a child removed from their parent by CPS, be aware you have a very, very limited time to enter into any case to assert that you are a better placement for that child than a Foster Home.  If you wait, you risk being barred from consideration as a placement.

When CPS is involved, before you make any decisions or agree to any terms, consult with the Law Office of Charles Wesley Skinner.

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